BSc. Timber Industry Engineer


Starting dates(s) (following optional prep. course)


Max number of students


Duration of the course

7 semester


The Simonyi Karoly Faculty is the only higher Education Institution for wood science and technology in Hungary. It has 50 years experience in education and research. In the past years, hundreds of engineers have graduated from this Faculty to work locally and worldwide as international researchers, engineers or teachers.

The engineering program in English leads to a BSc degree in three and half year (7 semester).

Objective of the study program, structure and modules (practice), length, preparatory course

Our Faculty offers specific educational objectives: Graduates from Wood Science Engineering create engineering structures (furniture, windows, doors, other wooden products) by utilizing and designing wood or wood based materials. They are expected to construct and organize the investments of mechanically, structurally and technologically complex structures respecting the nature and human environment. This study program enables the graduate to assume and active role in future technical developments, and to further his or her education by entering a MSc. programme.

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