SKF's industry relations


Successful education and research is impossible without strong industry relations. This is why SKF created its Industrial Advisory Board made up of the representatives of the best companies of the Hungarian wood industries, IT professionals, famous artists and Maecenas. Industry’s input is important in shaping our education and research, and to help us to become and stay successful on a national and international level. SKF strives to be a leader in wood research, testing and other services, so we have set up a number of research and testing institutes and laboratories:


  • FAIMEI Material and Product Testing Laboratory
  • The successful quality control lab, formerly located in Budapest, was acquired by the Faculty of Wood Sciences (SKF's predecessor) in 2005. In addition to quality control in furniture, door and window manufacture, wood material testing, flooring and laminated product testing and formaldehyde emission tests, FAIMEI now also conducts heat treatment equipment certification and extended building energetics tests.


  • Forestry and Wood Industries Testing Laboratory
  • The joint laboratory of the SKF and the Faculty of Forestry is specialised in accredited technical tests. These include, forestry and woodworking equipment safety, noise emission from industrial facilities, workplace risk factors, localised air pollution, wood dust measurements, strength and wood protection testing, wood material and product testing and strength classification of wood.


  • Timber Structure Testing Laboratory
  • This state-of-the-art structural testing laboratory of the region was built in 2006. It is capable of ramp tests or cyclic tests of large beams, full wall sections, and smaller structures. We also test load-bearing connections, doors and windows.


  • Paper Research Institute
  • Like FAIMEI, until recently, the 60-year-old Paper Research Institute was located in Budapest, and moved to Sopron in 2009, where it continues its research and testing in pulp and paper manufacturing, paper and cardboard processing, gluing, environmental issues and marketing, domestic and international trade information.


  • Innovation Centre
  • One important task at SKF is to do practical research, immediately applicable in our partners’ operations. The Innovation Centre is responsible for keeping in touch with companies, surveying their research needs, and carrying out and coordinating research and innovation project to meet these demands, in cooperation with our lecturers and researchers. Our goal is to provide our partners topical, high quality, practically applicable research results and satisfaction with the research and innovation at SKF.