Daring Ideas, Successful Students


The success of our students is equal to the success of our education. Listed below, are just a few of our students who dared to dream big and achieved national, or even international success:


At the Pneumobil competition of Hungary, organized by the Bosch-Rexroth Company, the pneumatic propulsion vehicle constructed by three of our students, Gabor Nagy, Lajos Reisz and Tamas Szijarto won second prize overall in 2008, and was voted second best construction in 2009, beating teams from several other, prominent universities.

The Bükkábrány fossils

During the examination of 16 recently discovered ancient fossil trees in Bükkábrány, Eszter Antalfi, one of our engineering students, proved that they include two other species besides white cypress, correcting the opinion of several established botanists.

Furniture design

Of the many successes achieved by our arts students, two are especially noteworthy. The Spirita garden furniture designed by our graduate Daniel Standeiszky won the Hungarian Design Award in 2003. It is not only attractive and functional, but is designed with technology in mind, taking into consideration the characteristics of the black locust raw material.


There have been many attempts at innovative chair design, but few were successful. One of the few is the HypoSpline ergonomic computer terminal designed by our design student Attila Tari, which received popular acclaim at the InnoLignum Fair, proving that it is well received by the public, as well as the professionals.


In addition to professional success, our students excel in other areas as well. Two examples are Gábor Rakonczai and Andrea Palos, former art students, who decided to row across the Atlantic in their self-built boat named “Fire-ant.” After their return, the ocean-crossing boat became one of the winners of the 2007 Hungarian Design Award.