International Relations


SKF has an extensive international network of partners. In addition to our numerous European partners, we cooperate with several Japanese, American, and Canadian research institutes among others. We have participated and achieved success in several international research projects in recent years, e.g. the ECWINS project aimed at improving window manufacturing and standardisation in Europe, or the INNOBEECH EU-Craft project concerning the utilisation red-heart beech. Several articles were published in international scientific journals as a result.


In addition to research cooperation, SKF makes strives to provide opportunities for students to study abroad for short periods (3-5 months), through student exchange programmes. We offer foreign language courses for foreign students who come to Sopron from our partner universities, to study in our wood industries programme. Each year 12–15 of our students study in some of our 12 partner universities (mostly in Scotland, France, Finland, Germany or Turkey). Our lecturers also visit our partner universities and research institutes regularly as short or long term guest lecturers. We are proud that many of our graduates are now successful as doctorate students in America and other countries.