The Institute of Applied Arts was founded, and art education was launched in 1994. From the modest beginnings 16 years ago, the Institute became one of the most successful schools of arts in Hungary, ranked first in 2008 by one of the most recognized surveys. At present, we offer three BA programs – Architectural Arts, Product Design and Graphic Design – with the corresponding MA programs started in fall of 2010. Along with the required theoretical basis, the emphasis is on hands-on training and creative work. Students acquire the skills necessary for good applied artists in small groups through creative workshops.


The students participate with the faculty and are successful in regional, national and even international artistic events, exhibitions and competitions. The successful participation of our students at national student arts competitions, and the many national and international awards are witness to the success of our education. During their studies, many students participate in, or even have their own exhibitions, where their work is introduced to the public. The ‘diploma’ booklet published annually by the Institute demonstrates the versatile and very high quality creative process in which our arts students are involved.