Information Technology


The Business Information Technology bachelor programme was established in 2002, with outstanding young lecturers, and has been continually improved since then. The training includes a special mixture of economics and computing skills that enable our graduates to handle a variety of everyday computing tasks in a business setting. Special emphasis is given to hands-on individual work, and students learn the required skills very effectively, through personal communication with the teachers, due to the relatively small class sizes. The demand for good IT experts is still very high, employment and career opportunities are excellent.


The Master’s programme was also launched in spring 2009. While the BSc. programme prepares students for smaller programming, business administration, systems administration and web development tasks, MSc graduates are equipped for complex software development, information management, systems engineering and operation as well.


As of 2013, we now also offer a two-year Busineass IT Assistant degree. This very practical course of study is available in Szombathely, as well as Sopron, Hungary.


IT research is also important, as well as education. Due to the special assortment of expertise at SKF, wood industry-related IT research projects have a prominent role. The most noteworthy example is the complex wood industries database under development, which will allow the storage and browsing of various wood-related information., The Institute of Informatics and Economics is also involved in general IT research, e.g. in the field of computer networks, information management, and web system performance modelling. In 2008 and 2009, the Institute was awarded IBM Faculty Awards for excellence in education and research. Students participate with the faculty in the research projects, as part of their individual lab and thesis assignments.