Technical Sciences


Our technical education aims to impart high level engineering competences to the students. The most prominent of these is the wood related education, but we strive for the same level of excellence in all our other programs as well.

At present, we offer the following programs to our students:


  • Wood Industrial Engineering
    Also offered in English! (See sidebar for more information!)
  • Industrial Design Engineering (BSc and MSc)
  • Mechatronics Engineering (BSc)
  • Light Industrial Engineering (MSc)
  • Vocational postgraduate degrees: Energy management, Engineer-manager, Wood Structural Designer

Our most talented students can also participate in our highest level of education, the PhD programme in the Jozsef Cziraki Doctoral School of Wood Sciences and Technologies.

In addition to education, SKF is prominent in technology-related research and innovation as well. These include virtually all areas of wood science, from wood protection and wood processing through wood based materials, woodworking machines, energetics, to wood based construction and product design. Research extends to related areas of physics, mechanics, architecture, pulp- and paper and other areas as well.


Our Innovation Centre is responsible for the coordination of our extensive research activity, in cooperation with the lecturers and researchers of KSF, to ensure that the substantial amount of industrial and grant-funded research is accomplished in the best possible way. Our new state-of-the art research facilty, the Natural Resources Research Centre includes several laboratories that cover a wide range of technical research topics from wood and paper manufacturing through energetics, robotics, polymer technology, all the way to nanotechnology, and much more. In addition to our pioneering research and innovation, our accredited laboratories offer a range of standardised testing services.